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Smart Meters - Today’s Need

Millions of smart meters have been installed in many parts of the country. Smart meters ensure two-way communication between you and your utility, enabling your utility to know about power consumption and blackouts. This assists utilities to ascertain more reliable electrical service.

Smart meters work in tandem with energy management systems like web-based tools that your utility offers or devices that can be installed at designated places. Smart meters are capable of exhibiting your energy use, help you find methods to save energy and money, and even further, allow you to remotely control important parameters like MD, P.F. etc. to avoid penalty and to get P.F. incentive upto 7% in Maharashtra (as per MSEB tariff).

Smart meters, with energy management systems, enable customers to program when and how they use energy. Such programs might incur the real cost of power at any one time, ranging from high prices during peak demand period to low prices during off-peak hours. If you can shift your power use to off-peak times - like running your priority load late in the evening – such programs can save you operating costs while supporting fully your utility.

Key Features

1) Completely wireless installation:
Making use of advanced, low cost, and dependable wireless communication technologies (Zigbee and GPRS). Saving of total rewiring costs, and convenient to install with least time for commissioning. No alternation in the existing wiring in the plant. Saves cost and complications of wired systems.

2) Cloud hosted infrastructure:
In such infrastructure, there is no need to host data servers and can be accessed by any internet enabled device like cell phones and tablets from anywhere.

3) Minute to minute tracking of power consumption and costs involved (as per Electricity Board tariff)

4) High data availability (99.99% availability) along with strong RAID (Redundancy) infrastructure

5) SMS/ Email alerts at crucial situations like sudden peaks, drop in PF, motor loading/under-loading, etc.

6) Compare and analyze past and present data over multiple time intervals (daily, weekly, monthly).

7) Keeping record of power generation from grid, gensets and renewable, track ROI on green infrastructure, and actual cost of backup generation.

8) Tracking consumption pattern during peak hours, off-peak hours and during night as per electricity board guidelines

9) Benchmarking consuming devices against their known production output.

10) Integration with any existing meters (namely Trinity, Conserv, Elmeasure) with RS485 communication port.

LIMITATION :- In situationist whereby network connectivity failure, there could be delay in receiving data, however, no data would be lost as RMS comes with in-built memory, which stores the data during N/W failure and starts sending once N/W is established.

Key Benefits

  • Answers critical part of the question - “How to lower electricity expenses?”
  • Cost-effective as no major installation expenses, no wiring/re-wiring requirements
  • Accessibility through internet to assist in supervising remotely (even while away from the site)
  • Monitor and program production shifts to enhance savings
  • Effectively track crucial situations and take precautionary measures to minimize penalty charges and  breakdowns
  • Ease of use – no major training required
  • Monitor consumption of multiple locations by centralized system. Consumption of 5-6 factories (locations) spread across the country can be monitored from a single location

Our Aim is not only to monitor your energy consumption, but to bring savings for your organization by continuous data monitoring and relevant comparison/ changes by in depth study. This not only provides access to crucial data, but also force engineers to take remarkable decision by utilizing his many years experience.

Advantages, Benefits, Features

  1. Data storage facility with access to Min., Max, Average & Live electrical parameters at a time.
  2. Daily Basis comparison of data is easy (KW/KWH)
  3. Easy to identify KW, KVA, current, voltage unbalance throughout 24hrs
  4. Graphical pattern leads to reshuffle the load considering peak, Offpeak , non peak Hrs and helps to     reduce Demand KVA
  5. Alerts for Max. KW, KVA, current, voltage leads to reduce maintenance
  6. Alerts for low P.F.can avoid penalty through sms / e-mail.
  7. Demand KVA controlling is also possible with the features of alerts.
  8. Report can be generated in excel or PDF format for 15/30/60 Min or 24 Hrs with Date and time user suitable.
  9. If connected to both LT & HT side transformer losses can be worked out Hourly/ Monthly/Yearly.
  10. If connected to Location wise, control on daily consumption can be  targeted to ensure energy saving.
  11. Server based uninterrupted communication
  12. Easy access to management on daily consumption.
  13. Batch wise consumption can be compared with production.
  14. Generate daily consumption in Excel sheet /PDF format
  15. Machine ideal running Hrs. can be reduced lead to energy saving.
  16. User ID & Password protected easy access anywhere by internet.
  17. All Data storage facility for 12 months.
  18. For all electrical parameter Trends/Graphs can be generated.
  19. Theft control is possible in case of outdoor installations though SMS or E mail  Alert.
  20. Maximum demand controlling also possible through SMS or E mail Alert


Our Clients

  1. Lupin Pharma
  2. AIA  Engineering
  3. Astral Polytechnik Ltd
  4. Birla corporation limited
  5. Cadila Healthcare Limited
  6. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC)
  7. Everest Industries Ltd.
  8. Fiat India Automotive Pvt. Ltd.
  9. HNG Float Glass Limited
  10. Indo Autotech Limited
  11. Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  12. Jay Chemical Industries Limited
  13. Jet Granito Pvt. Ltd.
  14. Maize Products
  15. Polycab Wires Pvt. Ltd
  16. Ramdev Food Products Pvt. Ltd.
  17. Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd.
  18. Sadashiv Castings
  20. Sintex Industries Ltd. - Plastics
  21. Steelcast Limited
  22. Stovec Industries
  23. Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.Halol
  25. Videocon Industries Ltd.
  26. Vishal Engineers.